Here is a list of all the books, peer reviewed journal articles, conference presentations and magazine articles I have published. The book can be purchased via Amazon. If you cannot access any of the articles and would like a copy please contact me directly:

Edited book and authored book chapters

Hogan, D., Hogan, D., Tuomola, J. & Yeo, A.K.L (Eds). (2017). Solution focused practice in Asia. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Tuomola, J. (2017). Introduction to solution focused practice in therapeutic settings in Asia. In D. Hogan, D. Hogan, J. Tuomola & A.K.L. Yeo (Eds). Solution focused practice in Asia (pp9-13). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Tuomola, J. & Lee, Y.P.  (2017). From helpless and hopeless to empowerment and recovery: Using solution focused brief therapy with clients with psychosis. In D. Hogan, D. Hogan, J. Tuomola & A.K.L. Yeo (Eds). Solution focused practice in Asia (pp36-40). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Tuomola, J. (2017). From the blind leading the blind to leading from one step behind: Experiences with running a solution focused supervision group for case managers. In D. Hogan, D. Hogan, J. Tuomola & A.K.L. Yeo (Eds). Solution focused practice in Asia (pp90-94). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Research Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals (some published under my maiden name of Powis)


Ee, J.P & Tuomola, J. (2016). Experiences of married men with HIV during the early phase of diagnosis within the context of mandatory disclosure in Singapore: An interpretative phenomenological analysis study. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Sciences, 1-21.

Tuomola, J., Soon, J.Y. , Fisher, P. & Yap, P.  (2016). Lived experience of caregivers of persons with dementia and the impact on their sense of self: A qualitative study in Singapore. Journal of Cross Cultural Gerontology. 31(2), 157-72.

Tuomola, J & Chew, K. (2015, March). Life after SFBT: What factors affect whether students of solution focused brief therapy go on to practise the approach? Presentation at the 5th ASEAN Union of Psychological Socities Congress, Singapore. Retrieved from:

Especkerman, J.F. & Tuomola, J. (2014, March). Understanding experiences of caregivers of adolescents with an intellectual disability and a mental illness: Initial findings in a Singaporean sample. Presentation at The Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences, Osaka, Japan.

Tuomola, J., Games, N., Soh, S., & Ing, L. (2012, August). Solution focused research in Asia – What works? Presentation at the 4th Asia Pacific Solution Focused Therapy Conference, Singapore.

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Magazine Articles

Kulttuurishokki Uutis Sisu, November 2011, p16-17. Dr Jane Tuomola (Magazine of the Finnish Association of Singapore)

Coping with Culture Shock The BEAM (Official Magazine of the British Association). October 2011, p33. Dr Jane Tuomola

Post Natal Depression: What is it and what can you do to recover? Mother and Child Centre Singapore Resource List. 2010. Dr Jane Tuomola

Culture Shock: Grieving the loss of an old life and embracing a new start. Expat Living Kids Guide 2010, p44-45. Dr Jane Tuomola.

Sad in Singapore? The BEAM (Official Magazine of the British Association). July/August 2009, p19. Dr Jane Tuomola.